Class Action Complaint for Immigration Fraud

Immigration attorney Yuli Eliyahu Kaplunovsky, founder of Modesto-Law-Center, recently filed a class action complaint due to alleged immigration fraud.


The class action complaint was filed in the Superior Court of California for the County of Marin (Case No. CIV1504386) on behalf of plaintiffs Marvin, Sandra and Edna Deleon against defendants Americans Helping America (AHA) Chamber of Commerce, Inc. According to court documents, AHA, allegedly claims to be an organization with an IRS tax-exempt status, offering several different services to members that pay a fee to join its organization, the centerpiece of which is “immigration integration.” AHA allegedly claimed that by filing paperwork through state courts, the plaintiffs, who were without immigration status, would gain U.S. citizenship.

Court documents report that AHA allegedly holds seminars every Sunday, of which the plaintiffs attended, at their offices and introduces attendees to its “immigrant services” program and invites them to become “members” of AHA. The services, according to court documents, allegedly allow an alien without status to gain U.S. citizenship and members are promised a Social Security number, valid driver’s license, a “new” birth certificate, and once citizenship is gained, a U.S. passport and other benefits conferred to a U.S. citizen.

Court documents further state that none of the documents filed on behalf of the plaintiffs resulted in any change of immigration status, and some of the paperwork might have allegedly been fraudulent. According to court documents, AHA has allegedly bilked each initial plaintiff out of $7,000, and new members are now being charged $10,000 for this “service,” thus allegedly defrauding hundreds of people with the false hope of citizenship that will never be possible under the method AHA claims is “fool-proof.”

“The plaintiffs in this class action complaint are requesting a jury trial,” said Kaplunovsky, who focuses on immigration law.

For more information about the class action complaint, contact Kaplunovsky at (209) 553-0000.

About Yuli Eliyahu Kaplunovsky, Modesto-Law-Center
Modesto-Law-Center was established in the Central Valley and the Bay Area to provide effective legal representation to individuals, families and businesses in California. Yuli Eliyahu Kaplunovsky is a member of the California Bar, California Northern and Eastern District Federal Court, Tax Court, Immigration Court and Bankruptcy Court. The staff at Modesto-Law-Center speak English, Spanish, Punjabi, Hebrew and Russian. Modesto-Law-Center is located at 4260 Sisk Road, Modesto, CA 95356, and Yuli has additional offices in Sunnyvale and Hayward, CA.


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